Cope 940x360 Banner Bio


Dj Cope, born and raised in New Jersey by his South American parents always had a love for music and entertaining. Growing up in a multicultural city such as Paterson was a haven for his growth and development in the music industry.  He was influenced greatly with the art of hip-hop, but his affection of Latin music was always present through his Latin roots.

His dj name is derived from his parents origin. His. father is from Colombia and his mother is from Peru.  By combining the first 2 letters of those countries the name DJ COPE was created.

At the age of nine, DJ COPE fell in love with the hip hop culture through avenues of graffiti, brake dancing, and of course dee jaying.

In 2005, Cope purchased his first set of deejay equipment to entertain himself and his friends. This hobby quickly transformed into a career entertaining crowds from all over the world.

Throughout the years DJ Cope has mastered the art of entertainment through different genres of music and keeping his audience dancing nonstop. DJ Cope aka Mr NonStop has earned this aka for his ability to keep a party going like a freight train. Currently DJ Cope has some of the most sought after mixes via his mobile app avaiable on Itunes & Google Play with downloads from all over the world. You can also find him at your favorite night clubs working with some of the biggest celebrities and biggest names in the music industry.


DJ Cope invites YOU to come rock out!!